About Us

John’s father was a jewellery designer & maker at the former Garrards of Regent Street then called Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Association.

John was the original drummer of the band that later became known as ‘The Kinks’ but decided to pursue his career in jewellery instead. He later joined Hancocks & Co in its original setting at the top of Sackville Street in London.

After returning to college to study jewellery detail and Gemology, Hatton Garden was the next port of call where John learnt workshop practices, stone sorting and diamond grading with an old manufacturing company.

From this, John was offered the opportunity to travel to shops selling. He realised his future as an entrepreneur and set up his own company 40 years ago.

With a keen eye for design and awareness of market trends, John has always been able to help jewellers find something exciting in a range of styles.